November 23, 2016

[Big Launch] Cornish Ladies’ Luncheon


We are SO EXCITED as today will be our big launch and our very first fund raiser at Cornish College to support the ladies! We at Treats From The Heart love to help and reach out to different communities in ways that makes a difference. We are so thankful to be able to be part of this community!


We have prepared a beautiful box of our treats that are all made with lots of love for their silent auction. They are all nestled in wood wool and finished off with a beautiful satin ribbon. We hope it helps raise funds for them and we can’t wait for the recipient to enjoy our yummy treats! Here’s a peak of the box, it includes:

200ml Macadamia lime sugar scrub
200ml Luscious vanilla bean soap
Animotsu spaniel soft toy
Mint green chai hug mug
Jasmine loose leaf tea
Chai loose leaf tea
Tea strainer
100g Honey cinnamon roasted almonds
250ml Coconut maple granola
250ml Matcha Berrilicious granola
270ml Citrus marmalade
270ml Berry Jam
270ml Salted molten caramel
5 Cocoa bliss balls
40ml Pork spice rub with a kick
40ml Omg steak spice rub
40ml Mediterranean chicken spice rub

Have lots of fun ladies! You all absolutely deserve to have an awesome day!

PS: If you haven’t heard, Treats From The Heart launched last night so you can start getting your orders in and in time for Christmas after all the tease we have been doing on our Facebook page! We really appreciate your support!

Treats from the heart, an experience in a box.

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